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293T safety, transfections with plasmid DNA

293T cells do incorporate partial virus genomes, consisting of about 4000 bases (about 11%, if I remember right) of the adenovirus type 5 genome (Cloning and Sequencing of the Cellular–Viral Junctions ...
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In plasmid-based transient transfection of mesenchymal stem cells, do I have to select for transfected cells and verify GOI expression via a reporter?

No and Yes, respectively. No, you don't need to select for and generally you can't unless you use something like FACS to sort and capture cells expressing your marker/GOI. Transient transfections are ...
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293T safety, transfections with plasmid DNA

Washington State has a nice risk assessment out of their biosafety department that outlines the risks associated with 293 cell lines (downloads a docx). The risk in itself is predicated upon poor work ...
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Luciferase promoter vector over p-AcGFP1-C1 vector

You are confusing luminescence and fluorescence. GFP does not emit light. The abbreviation stands for Green Fluorescent Protein. You need to shine a blue light source at it and it will fluoresce green....
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