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Why do people perceive blood pressure as the force that moves the blood forwards (see details)?

In the vascular system, pressure is what moves blood forwards, at least in an analogous manner to voltage...just like voltage, pressure itself doesn't move things, but a pressure gradient does. You ...
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When endothelial cells in blood vessels (arteries or veins) are damaged, does atheroma form first or blood clot?

It is unlikely that atheroma would develop as a complication of a thrombus. Atherosclerosis and thrombosis are two independent disorders and not two stages of the same disorder. Atherosclerosis is a ...
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How do veins's valve pocket sinus tend to become hypoxic?

As veins are not permeable to O2 thus O2 can't escape into surrounding cells. Veins are not like impermeable rubber tubes, they are 'living' structures requiring, like all cells, Oxygen and glucose ...
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Is it possible to completely puncture a human hand and have no blood come out?

Yes, it is possible. The needle should be passed through Fistula, which is an abnormal or surgically made entry between an empty or tubular organ and the body surface, or between two empty or tubular ...
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Is it possible to perfuse chemicals into brain after removal from body?

Of course it is possible to perfuse an organ once it has been removed from the body. It is probably unwise to do so with the brain as the delicacy of the structures and high levels of lipids make ...
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