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This is a cockroach. Although about 30 species typically associate with humans and human habitats [source], the only ones that I know that have strong parallel dark lines running in the rostral/caudal direction are the Asian cockroach (Blattella asahinai) and the German cockroach (Blattella germanica). According to Wikipedia, these 2 species appear very ...


Hermit crabs increase in size over time and this is used to provide a minimum estimate for their age1. You may also find this article interesting. Reference: SantAnna, Bruno Sampaio, Christofoletti, Ronaldo Adriano, Zangrande, Cilene Mariane, & Reigada, Alvaro Luis Diogo. (2008). Growth of the hermit crab Clibanarius vittatus (Bosc, 1802) (Crustacea, ...


You could try methyl cellulose, which my lab and others use. It's not exactly an adhesive, but it is quite viscous. It's common enough that it's in the Zebrafish Book: . Obviously, be sure whatever you do is approved by your animal care and use committee.


This is an ant in the genus Camponotus. It can only be identified from the habitus on your picture, but clues are that there is only one element between the thorax and the gaster (Formicinae) and the head is large, this with the color and texture pattern leads to Camponotus sp. Refer to Bolton, B., Alpert, G., Ward, P. S., & Naskrecki, P. (2006). ...

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