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What snake is this? Is it venomous?

Looks like an eastern copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix). It is one of 6 venomous snakes in Arkansas (of a total ~39 AR species; see University of Arkansas). See Herps of Arkansas for a nice range ...
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If the shrimp is a decapod, why does it have 20 legs? (10 swimming + 10 walking legs)

Species are classified based on common ancestry. See Decapods aren't classified together because of the number of legs they have. That's where the order got ...
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Butterfly wings with ragged edges - worn out, camouflage, fungus, or something else?

In both these cases, the butterflies are old (relatively speaking) and worn. Usually, adult butterlies only live during a specific season (which usually can last weeks to months) or with several ...
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What is the term for a missing feature in a descendant that was present in an ancestor which defines a clade?

Maybe you're thinking of a vestigial trait? In snakes, legs are considered "vestigial"; some snakes retain remnants of legs and pelvis (
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Have any animal been discovered which don't have any kind of symmetry?

Sponges. Everything else is either radially or bilaterally symmetric.
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