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Has a bird ever been seen stalling?

Yes. Kereru (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) from New Zealand do a type of display flying where they deliberately induce a stall by flying on an upwards curve and allowing momentum loss to decrease air-...
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Flora and fauna of early homo sapiens environment?

Early human migrations may have gone through Yemen. The Red Sea rift has become salt flats multiple times because of the ice age, if you find studies of the salt strata please write a new answer. The ...
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Flora and fauna of early homo sapiens environment?

It's a bit outdated, but Quézel (1978) suggests the flora of the Mediterranean region of Africa is not much different than today: It is concluded that the Mediterranean flora is relatively old and ...
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Are giraffes living on Calauit island an example of Island dwarfism?

Update Updates to question and comments clarify: 3m high giraffes (small) locals say giraffes are smaller because they are "island born". The first data point indicates that the giraffes ...
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Recognise this thing found in beach?

I believe it’s the seed of a Guilandina bonduc shrub. The seeds are known as nickernuts or sea pearls, and can be found washed up on beaches throughout the tropics. The seeds are often used as ...

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