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Identification of a strange skull

Looks like this is a neurocranium of a tuna or a similar species (dorsal view on this site). I've also found a very similar picture of Atlantic blue tuna from USA, which seems to support that this is ...
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Are there any parasites that alter human behavior in a self destructive way?

I see from your description you are talking about parasites that directly alter the neurochemistry of their host to cause direct behavioural changes geared towards passing the parasite on to its final ...
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Beneficial effects of the fungi of a termite mound on the diseases suffered by the termites

In at least one case termite cultivated fungus produce antibiotics that benefit the termites and protect them from dangerous fungus. Of course just the fungus acting as food is also a huge benefit to ...
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If Myxozoa is animal, so what is really animal?

First multicellular is not always a defining characteristic of animalia, protozoa used to be included in animalia. Second you are falling for a issue a lot of young biology students run into, Taxon ...
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