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Why are we using upper teeth and lower lip on labiodental sounds?
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The alternative articulation, called dentolabial, is more difficult to articulate, so it is very rarely used in human language. However, it apparently is common enough in disordered speech to be ...

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How is duration of efficacy estimated for vaccines?
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I read somewhere (I don't have a citation) that duration of efficacy is limited by the evolution of viral antigens; eventually the population will evolve to the point where the immune system no longer ...

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When giving blood, what is the specific Iron measurement they take?
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Most likely they were measuring the hemoglobin concentration, in units of g/dL (i.e. 101 kg/m3). Assuming by your username you are male, the reference range for [Hb] is approximately 13.8 to 18.0 g/dL ...

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