Hi there! Nice to meet a fellow coder. Let me introduce myself, my name's Mario and I'm a full stack web developer,meaning that I'm as bad a developer in the back-end as in the front-end. Despite my obvious lack of abilities as a programmer, I've managed to get a full-time job as a professional in a great company full of gullible nice people that (don't ask me why) have a lot of faith in my work and have entrusted me a lot of fascinating projects.

Before this venture, I've been coding for 10 years as a regular basis (plus other 10 as a hobbie), and in the last six I set my mind in trying to get a life of this. I've worked mainly as a freelance, with a nice background in the field of e-commerce. My main languages are PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Python and Java.

I'm an old fashion LAMPP oriented web developer, so currently I'm trying to get the hang of Docker, continuous integration tools and all that nerdy tools that people use to produce nowadays.

I hope to survive long enough in this world to learn as much as I can and to become the better version of myself that I can. Thanks for wasting a minute of your precious time reading this little piece and sharing a spot with me in this great community.

See you soon!

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