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Do teeth have the capacity to heal?
6 votes

Yes, it can be done to a certain degree. Cementum is capable of repairing itself to a limited degree and is not resorbed under normal conditions. Some root resorption of the apical portion of the ...

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Why must a planet be in a star's "habitable zone" to have life?
4 votes

Your question is not complete. I would suggest to slightly change the title to something like: "Why must a planet be in a star's “habitable zone” to have life as we know it from our experience?" You ...

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Is there any documented evidence for suicide among vertebrates other than humans?
3 votes

According to this article whales could kill themselves by swimming to the beach and even when pushed back to the water, they return or dogs can drown in the water when suffer a lot.

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How do animals decide what to eat and what not?
-2 votes

Probably a lot of external and internal factors combined. But the most important would be the smell, eye sight and taste. Smell can be, I would say 60-70%. When some particles arrive to the smell ...

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