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Tina Gallant
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m a very wise person ,I have chosen philosophy of life wisely I stay true to myself, and my Moto, I'm a role model for many, my behaviour inspires alot of poeple positively ..light and dark good and bad,everything has 2 sides to it! So do I I have my strength and my weakness , these features make me unique,but weakness can also be strength to!!!my eyes hides the deepest secrets, the truth, they disguise my true self, I'm an honest and sincere person, I'm a very outspoken person I don't mind expressing the truth, even when it's ugly, my friends admire and love me for this trait,I'm s joyful, polite and sincere person, my courteous personality wins over heart, I leave a lasting impression on people, most people respects me, my friend loves to be around me, I make the world more beautiful with my presence, I'm a strong and confident person , very sensitive and have intuition for others wishes, ☮represents my soul, the heart symbolizes love and passion, it also stands for courage, and ability to make decisions. I am a warm hearted devout person who does not shy away from following her heart even if it sometimes means overcoming a few hurdles... ☮❤️ <3<3<3<3@: If you come at me being disrespectful and rude, be prepared for me to tell you to go fuck yourself. I don't let people walk all over me.

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