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There is only one thing worth mentioning here, since it pertains directly to any question I may ask or answer at this site, and that is the title of a book I have written, and where it may be found. Once upon a time, a reluctant monk with an educated interest in everything took to wandering, carrying in his mind a geometric model of the Cosmos which he had derived entirely within that mind in the days and years before he toddled off.

It was fun to play with and was truly a most elegant imaginative structure based on what he insists is a simple self-evident truth and its corollaries a priori -- something of that singular axiom in metaphysics so long entertained by any philosopher worth his salt-- , full of harmonics and their relations appropriate to such a model of a singular inviolate structure, but with little beyond basic information about quantum mechanics to lend it any context relevant to conventional mathematical physics...

...Until one day, in a luminous cave somewhere in China--actually a computer den in Shanghai--, it was revealed unto him while researching the 'anomalous magnetic moment of the electron' that the simple geometric ratio at the very heart of his model was, well, not precisely 1/137, but close enough to get him more than a little agitated about the possibilities; especially when that ratio was also that of the relative frequencies of the two principal residual vectors in his model.

In short, a very clear pathway had been discovered, or so he felt justified in believing (being a rational scientist), to the correlation of his model with the underlying geometric structure, the real physical basis of the theory of quantum electro-dynamics. That was in 2013, 23 years after the original creative frenzy of imagination had begun; and it slowly led, as further research into QED was thrust upon the wretched creature, to a vast unwieldy textbook broadly outlining 'The Physical Basis of Quantum Electro-Dynamics in the Cohesive Mechanics of a Unitary Universal Field', which is the sub-title.

The title is; 'A Wave Theory of Universal Resonance', and it may be found through the German publisher 'Grin Verlag', who were kind enough to publish it for free. As you appreciate, there is precisely no commercial motive involved, nor any more than an excusable puerile wish for self-aggrandisement. The book simply required writing down, and one trusts that it may be of some value to someone actually trained in traditional QED seeking a greater understanding of its arcane beauty. Chapter TWO is the nub of it. Thank you.

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