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Is it possible to make a vaccine against cancer?
15 votes

Might not be the answer you're looking for, but there's already a vaccine for one particular type of cancer - cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is largely caused by a virus though (HPV, Human ...

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Are there life forms that freely fly in the atmosphere?
3 votes

Apparently yes. Caveat: the experimenters are are potentially biased because they believe in panspermia (the idea that life came to Earth from outer space), which is clearly fringe. However, I don't ...

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Is it possible to prove that a hand sanitizer can kill 100% of a person's germs?
4 votes

There's no realistic way to prove that your hand sanitizer can kill 100% of a person's germs. In fact there's probably no realistic hand sanitizer that can do that. The reason is that there are just ...

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Are Young Girls Stronger than Young Boys?
2 votes

Here's a study comparing performance in swimming. Before age 8, there's no difference; from age 11-12, there's some small difference, after age 13, there's a large difference. https://www.eurekalert....

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