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MEE was the missing bracket


You may ping me (@MEE or @MEEwasthemissingbracket or @@364003@meta.stackexchange (last only for mods)) but at your own risk.

Protip ()

Try this as a link in your profile:




Waffles are supreme. That is all.

You want some waffles? Here they are:


About my name

There was a trend of bracket-y names caused by this

I might change my name but you should always be able to ping me as @MEE.

Former names:

  • MEE was the missing bracket
  • MEE the sneaky user
  • MEE the setup wizard
  • MEE is Johann Gambolputty ...
  • MEE

My software projects (All German)

Random facts


Deleted posts of which I would like to retain the link

  • Germany
  • Member for 6 months
  • 0 profile views
  • Last seen May 22 at 18:29