Shivam Barve is a Web Developer who engineers web applications to perfection for his clients. He lives in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Shivam is an agile person who likes to challenge his own limits and practice cognitive strength in solving logical and analytical problems. Software Development is rich in such problems which gives him enormous strength and motive to work in this field. He likes to explore new technologies and design solutions innovatively to excel in Software Development. Being a .net enthusiast since his college days, he's now a Sitecore certified .net Developer and a Microsoft certified Solutions Developer. He takes life as it comes which keeps him ready for any tough times ahead.

Currently he works at Horizontal Integration (India) Pvt. Ltd. which is a US based Digital-cum-Staffing company. His domain knowledge encompasses VoIP, Retail, e-commerce and Service Management. On academic front, he is a Master of Science in Software Technologies with a specialization in Software Engineering. Apart from work, he is passionate about photography which allows him to disconnect from any worries and dive deep into the art of observation and self-realization. It gives him immense satisfaction and strength for moving ahead. He also loves to travel to places for photography and adventure.

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