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Do muscles still hold glycogen reserves if there is no carbohydrate input
2 votes

Most of it isn't but a little bit is. When your body has very little glucose and a lot of fat(Which can be the case if an overweight or obese person goes on a low carb diet) the ketones and fatty ...

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Why it is rare for person to get infected with two Pathogens?
1 votes

Secondary infection is not rare at all. I mean consider babies. When they get the cold their immune system is weak and focused on the cold virus and they can get viral pneumonia from the flu very ...

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How did the first self replicating organism come into existence?
0 votes

I think that it started like this: First stage: Chemicals like Na, Cl, O₂, O₃, CO₂, CO, HCN, and H₂SO₄ react to form small molecules. Second Stage: Next those small molecules react to form ...

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HIV and T helper cells
0 votes

yes you understand how helper T cells work in the body. no. Cytokines are not enough and injecting T cells will just make HIV persist. The only solution to not getting AIDS and having your HIV cured ...

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Is there anything that is completely non-toxic to humans at any dose?
-1 votes

Vitamin C won't kill you no matter how much you get into your body as long as it is enough to help prevent arterial wounds and atherosclerosis(This happens in people with scurvy or vitamin C ...

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Can the third sex be categorized as Male or Female?
-2 votes

There is an actual third gender. That is true hermaphroditism. Some humans are true hermaphrodites. The most common cause of this? 2 eggs fusing, 1 male and 1 female before they start differentiation. ...

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