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Uninstalled Windows in 2016. Loving Ubuntu. Especially thankful that since Ubu18 they support my acer without having to look for any drivers. So much more stable. If MS buys canonical or Ubuntu rights, will look for a new linux distro. Happy there are many good ones out there.

Advice to companies, esp ones trying to save money : get SSD for your developers and others who have many programs running/ tabs open. It improves experience and work output, so pays the extra 20% that a an SSD hard disk costs. Really fast boot and overall performance. A lesser CPU but with enough RAM (8GB or more) and SSD makes all the difference.

Shared code and professional page

Useful search page

Things I found useful: See and support new sites, if you find any interesting. There are a bunch of incubating sites at area51 and the full list


Help's with database questions and answers (build sample data base and queries to illustrate) organic dish washer and other sustainable products

Admin 4 Java

SIGAR Monitor

Need a notes section :-) min logging or java logging

Women : consider using a cup vs pads.

All : consider your next journey - stay at home, save some pollution.

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