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I just saw this bird outside my apartment. Anyone know what it is? (Texas, US)
39 votes

I've found whatbird.com to be pretty good for identifying American birds. Asking it for grey and brown medium-sized birds that are commonly found in Texas gives 14 options, of which the best match is ...

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Why does cracking a joint make noise?
15 votes

Is joint-cracking harmful? No. Donald Unger was told by his mother that he'd get arthritis if he cracked his knuckles so he cracked his left knuckles every day for 60 years but never his right ...

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What kind of beetle is this (2cm long, brown, "V-shaped" body)?
2 votes

It's not a beetle but a shield bug, probably a forest bug (Pentatoma rufipes): Wikipedia. The Collins Complete Guide to British Wildlife describes these as widespread in the UK, with adults seen from ...

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