I just went to kill what I thought was a moth on the wall, and instead it fell on the floor and it sounded like dropping a coffee bean (because of the hard shell)

I live in the UK and have never seen one of these things before, I thought maybe it was a variant of a woodlouse, so I just crushed it in some kitchen roll I had over my hand and saw a little stain on the paper, but I assumed it was just blood.

When I looked on the internet and discovered what it was, I smelled my hand and it stank (I'd literally washed my hands like a minute or two before killing this thing). Since I've touched my laptop keyboard and stuff, is that a problem? If I use my laptop and now eat something will it poison me or leave an awful taste in my mouth?

P.S. If this seems OTT I do have slight OCD when it comes to hygiene and bugs.


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Apparently there are no poisonous species (see this website), and some species are even eaten (website). No worries.


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