I have been swimming in the seas around Minorca and saw a jellyfish I had not seen before.

I have tried to find it and have (eventually) found 1 single picture of the jellyfish.

enter image description here

The problem I have is, the image is from one of these "buy our picture" website and offers no information about the creature.

What type of Jellyfish is this and can I assume from the picture that it does not actually sting humans?

I have researched, and viewed sites like (As well as Google/Bing images)

http://www.seafriends.org.nz/indepth/jellyfish.htm (I know, it's NZ but I'm looking everywhere I can)


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Eventually, I've stumbled upon an article which calls it a cigar jellyfish.

Further research even shows a very empty entry on Wiki about it, which consists of the single line entry:

The cigar jellyfish (Olindias phosphorica) is a species of jellyfish from the Central and East Atlantic, and the Mediterranean Sea, including off Malta.[2]

Also an interesting article about it being 'rare' in Malta (despite the above information)


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