I have a list of proteins formatted like this:

Protein Name        Gene Name
4E-BPI              EIF4EBP1
4E-BPI_pS65         EIF4EBP1
4E-BPI_PT37_T46     EIF4EBP1
53BP1               TP53BP1

Its my job to pull the following from Uniprot:

  • Subcellular Location information (this is easy)
  • Information about phosphorylated forms

The first thing I did was compile a list of Uniprot IDs for each gene's human form that I could plug into the Upload List function.

Next, I used Uniprot's "Customize Results Table" page, to add the "Subcellular Location" column to the output. Do you know columns will provide information about the phosphorylated forms of these proteins? I added columns PTM > PhosSite and PTM > PhosphoSite but they return the Uniprot ID or nothing at all.

Is there somewhere else in Uniprot that I can look for information about phosphorylated forms of proteins?


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You were looking in the wrong spot. The PTM section you clicked on is for post-translational modification databases such as PhosphoSite. To get the actual modified residues, click on "PTM/Processsing" (sic) further up the page and then select "Modified Residue", and in your results table you'll get a list of all phosphorylations, glycosylations, acetylations, etc.

  • $\begingroup$ This is the relevant help entry, should you want more information on these annotations. You can use the advanced search with Keyword '597' to only retrieve proteins that have phosphorylation annotations. $\endgroup$
    – mivilar
    Nov 3, 2014 at 21:11

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