I met this beautiful fellow when I was choosing my socks this morning. It seems I had found her cozy place. A stowaway, supposedly sneaked into my bag while camping, and me taking her all the way home. She just sat there for about a minute (probably just as tired as me, thinking "Duuuuuude, why did you wake me?"), then stretched her neck and and set off, searching for a calm spot to get her 5 more minutes.

cute buzzer

Ca. 3 cm long. At home in Austria/Southern Germany.

I searched the internet a bit, and I think it's a female wasp, possibly Dolichovespula because of the pointy snout(?). I don't think it's a commom wasp, due to its size. Also no median wasp queen, because there's no red. Maybe a tree wasp?

TL;DR: Can you help me identify this buzzer?

End of story: After a lot of buzzing on her side, me chasing her with glass and cardboard in hand, and she dozing off two times in very uncomfy places (I was a bit embarassed about how un-hospitably dusty everything was), she settled for a box of clothing and snuggled her way into my shirts. I praised her sense of Cozyness, but then carefully emptied the box piece by piece outside and found her inbetween a flowery garment. She slowly stuck her head out from the folds ("DUUUUUUDE, again?!") and flew around the terrace for a while. I hope she's found a snug place out there.

  • $\begingroup$ It really is beautiful. $\endgroup$
    – Tyto alba
    Commented Sep 30, 2016 at 6:03

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I presume it is a female Dolichovespula adulterina living in the Palearctic (Austria and Germany) and Nearctic regions.




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