While I was studying, this insect fell down from the ceiling. It was alone and not in a swarm. It looked much like a mosquito but is quite larger compared to a mosquito.. I live in the Indian subcontinent (India).

enter image description here

Can anyone identify it??


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It is a Crane fly (Tipulidae), which is a large, cosmopolitan family of flies in the order Diptera (true flies). There are about 15,000 species according to Wikipedia and some 500-odd genera.

The crane flies are sometimes known as "daddy longlegs" though this name is more commonly associated with arachnids in the order Opiliones. Both the harvestmen and the crane flies have long, jointed legs. Crane fly legs fall off fairly easily, so if you brush one off a curtain or your clothes, you are often left with a loose leg.

They are harmless, despite appearing like a giant mosquito. They like damp environments, but can be found almost anywhere there is pasture or forest nearby. They typically need a fresh water source or moisture for the larvae to mature.


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