I was cleaning the pool when this guy crawled on my foot. I hit him away and noticed a bite mark. I managed to snap a photo of him.

Side view

I went to the doctor because I was worried it was a funnel web and she told me to just keep an eye on it, ice it and take anti histamines if it itches.

I have a tiny bit of tenderness in my foot.

Rear view


Good news is that this is definitely not a funnel web spider (Atracinae), which, by the way, is not that dangerous✻.

The image doesn't have a good resolution, but that seems to be a spider from the Family Lycosidae, known as wolf spiders, more specifically Venatrix pictiventris.

Here is an image for comparisson:

enter image description here

Source: http://www.findaspider.org.au/find/spiders/497.htm

This is the distribution of Venatrix pictiventris in Australia, going from Tasmania to Queensland, with most observations in New South Wales:

enter image description here

✻ I advocate for the protection of sharks, spiders, snakes, bats etc. So, whenever I can, I try to demystify arachnophobia. People love saying that the funnel web is deadly and so on, but for you to have a better idea, moths (e.g. Lonomia) kill more people than spiders.

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    $\begingroup$ Thanks! The photo you provided looks very similar to the guy that got me. $\endgroup$ – chap Oct 22 '17 at 10:00

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