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Questions about artificial life, or Alife, which is the study of life processes using simulations, computer models, and robotics. Please be careful to ensure that questions are on-topic for Biology, see the help pages and meta for more information before posting questions on Alife.

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Understanding why the definition of life is so challenging

The Wikipedia article on the definition of life states that there is no consensus for the definition of life with at least 123 definitions being proposed. I am unclear why this is the case.
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Is it possible nowadays to artificially create an organism just by inserting organism's DNA into an artificial environment?

Let's say we have a DNA of a bacteria and we want to recreate the bacteria just from this DNA. Is it possible nowadays to get this DNA and insert it into some artificial solution so that from this DNA ...
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Effect of myelination on inteligence in cephalopods

Cephalopods are known for their unique intelligence compared to other invertebrates. The number of neurons of cephalopods is of the order $5*10^8$, similar to dogs. Humans have about $10^{11}$ ...
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A stem cell method for creating artificial wombs?

1) Grow the endometrium using stem cells (It has already been done (Cambridge, 2017)) 2) Attach the embryo to it and allow the placenta to grow. In 2003, there was a researcher at Columbia who did ...
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Do we see protocells forming in nature today?

I understand that the current theory of chemical evolution (aka origin-of-life, abiogenesis) involves lipid-based protocells that enclosed RNA and perhaps some other compounds as a first steps to life....
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What would it take to create life? [closed]

Assume we know the right DNA sequence of Mycoplasma Genitalium (MG) and we would like to create Life from scratch. Also assume that matter has been created and we have the knowledge base as today. ...
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Synthetic life creation - status of attempts

First I apologize for my incorrect English and for lack of modern knowledge regarding the subject (I studied biology a long time ago). I'm interested to find out: if there were successful attempts ...
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What prevent us from synthesizing a cell from "scratch"?

In this recent article "Design and synthesis of a minimal bacterial genome", they created a minimal cell with only 473 genes. However, they didn't synthesize all of the necessary components of the ...
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What are the minimum conditions required for "open-ended evolution"?

According to a paper about artificial life systems, the following four conditions have to be fulfilled for "open-ended evolution": Condition 1: A rule should be enforced that individuals must ...
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Bootstrapping (symmetry breaking) in evolution [closed]

Many fascinating phenomena in nature show different behaviours on the micro and the macro level. Here I am especially referring to phenomena that are symmetric on the micro and asymmetric on the macro ...
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