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In molecular genetics, an open reading frame is the part of a reading frame that has the ability to be translated. An ORF is a continuous stretch of codons that may begin with a start codon and ends at a stop codon.

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How to determine the most likely reading frame of a DNA sequence?

This question is from a past exam paper for an introductory bioinformatics module. I'm a computer scientist doing biology for the first time. "A short bacterial gene has been sequenced, giving the ...
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5 votes
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How do biologists infer correct ORF of a DNA sequence?

Each DNA (RNA) sequence has 6 possible Open Reading Frames(ORF). My question is: What are the theoretical bases of in vitro or in silico tries to find correct reading frame of a sequence? Is it just ...
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Why are there six reading frames if only one strand of DNA is referred to as the ‘coding strand’?

We need to consider six reading frames when considering the potential of DNA to encode protein (three frames for each strand). But only one strand is transcribed into RNA — the so-called coding strand....
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How to interpret Glimmer scores?

I am trying to find orfs with Glimmer. At the end, Glimmer gives me a .predict file with the orfs and a corresponding raw score. When I look at the documentation, it says about the score, "This is ...
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Which ORF will be translated

I've a question about ORF and translation into protein. Say I have an RNA transcript that contains two ORFs, one in phase 1 ; one in phase2 ; as: ORF number 1 in reading frame 1 on the direct strand ...
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Does an ORF need a stop codon?

I try to read ORFs from a gene sequence but I am not sure how to interpret a sequence with a start codon but no stop codon. Imagining I have a gene sequence like the following: ...
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