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How would it be possible to engineer cows to have more offspring?

Cows usually only give birth to one calf per year and only several in their lifetime. What would we have to genetically alter so they can have more offspring, more frequently. I read that their is a ...
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Is synthesizing DNA in-house feasible?

I've been reading up about DNA writing, and it seems there are machines available around the five-figure US dollar mark for DNA synthesis, and I'm considering picking one up for my lab. We normally ...
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Replacing, instead of repairing, DNA

I've been doing some light reading on DNA damage theory of aging. One of the main ideas from that theory that I got is that the accumulation of damage in our DNA is one of the biggest causes of why we ...
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Can the central dogma work in reverse?

Theoretically, is it possible to obtain the original gene from the protein’s amino acid sequence as its “template”, as in, the reverse of how gene’s codons were “templates” for the amino acid sequence ...
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Dealing with Repetitive Bases in DNA?

I have been given a project involving a plasmid that contains long stretches of Adenine (60 or 120 bases each). These PolyA stretches are interrupted by the occasional G or C. I understand that ...
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Do I not have any alleles from my mom's mom & my dad's dad?

So, I have an XX, & I got an X from my mom, & an X from my dad. My dad would have gotten his only X from his mother, & my mother could have gotten the X I got from her father or mother. ...
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Do DNA supply houses maintain a watch list for dangerous oligos (Anthrax, Smallpox, etc.)?

The recent work by DeLoache, et al. on a synthetic opiate-precursor production pathway in yeast has generated a lot of scare stories in the media about people homebrewing heroin as easily as they ...
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Do recessive alleles really exist?

This question may seem illogical to some, but I seriously have this doubt. I searched google for some proofs but they were extremely complex and I couldn't understand anything. I was just wondering ...
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Ligase Chain Reaction: Determining the annealing temperature for gene synthesis

Using the tool Gene2Oligo I have a set of DNA oligonucleotides to synthesize a gene using ligase chain reaction (LCR). The average melting temperature is 72 degrees Celsius. I am going to use a the ...
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How realistic is to use DNA for long term storage?

This is mainly a followup question to the recent paper Next-Generation Digital Information Storage in DNA. Personally, while I agree about the data density of the format, I can't help point out the ...
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DNA synthesis companies: cost per base, turn-around time, codon-optimization algorithms

I would like to synthesize a 3.4kb gene (originally isolated from soil bacteria) and transform it into E. coli. There are several companies (DNA2.0, GeneScript, BlueHeron) which will synthesize the ...
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