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Why do same type of fruits come in different sizes?

Phenotypic variance This variance in the appearance of living things is called phenotypic variance. There are a number of reasons for the existence of such phenotypic variance. In other words there ...
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Do violet potatoes contain more or less solanine than normal potatoes?

Seems to be about the same. In Effect of Genotype and Environment on the Glycoalkaloid Content of Rare, Heritage, and Commercial Potato Varieties, Tables 1 and 2 list 60 different potato varieties ...
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Strange Onion and i don't know what it's

What you have there is the unripe flowering parts of an onion that's bolted, this can occur if the weather's been hot: Copyright through: 2021, fair usage. This would be more what it's ...
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Potato with purple veins!

The potato developed this pattern because it's (probably) natural to cultivar you're growing or due to cross-pollination. Purple pigment is anthocyanin. It's perfectly normal and considered as more ...
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What kind of kale is this?

It's just a variant of kale, part of the genus Brassica. I think you'd call this particular variant redbor or purple, bluntly, but you could go further because kale is often classified by the type of ...
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What can give rocket salad (Eruca Sativa) a fish smell?

Complete guess - the arugula could contain or be decomposing into amine-containing compounds (known to have a fishy smell).
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