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This is probably WAAAAY to late to be of any use to you but hey... So the simple answer is: Kinda. You were actually correct to intuit that the femora of birds have a limited range of motion, with most of the limb motion being provided from the "knee"-down. So you shouldn't animate bird legs the same way that you would the legs of other non-bird ...


The black RPE contributes to the "normal" color of the eye fundus in photos of the retina. Albinism is a condition of absence of black pigment, and then you can see the eye fundus without pigment. Compare the two images below


Regardless of growth plates, exercise does not cause bones to get longer or wider than they would have without exercise. Each bone is like a sponge, it grows to a predetermined size as regulated by your DNA. Exercise makes the bone more dense and stronger. The more you exercise, the more stress your bones are under. The bones respond by getting denser and ...

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